Michael Glaza — BS, MA, Certified TM® Teacher
Michael Glaza completed his 5-month TM Teacher Training with Maharishi in 1973 (in La Antilla, Spain), and 2 years later came to Florida during spring training to teach TM to several of the major league baseball teams. He currently teaches TM from Palm Beach to Port St. Lucie, and is the Director of Communications for the TM Program in the Southeastern US.
Michael has taught TM to several thousand people, in Vermont, Delaware, Philadelphia, Connecticut, and Manhattan (and, of course, Florida). In addition to teaching TM to major league baseball teams, he taught TM courses at Dover Air Force Base and at several major corporations.
In his "spare" time, Michael supports his TM Teaching "habit" with a consulting business that assists organizations with communication strategy, planning, and execution, and designs and produces specialized training programs. He holds a BS in Physics and an MA in Philosophy, and (when much, much younger!) played basketball at Villanova. He lives in Jupiter.